Bibi Bhani Industrial Training Institute Moga

BBITI Institute HAS BEEN WORKING SINCE 2001.This institute provide Electrician, COPA , Plumber, Welder, Mechanic Diesel , Carpenter, Nanny, Hair & skin care(cosmetology). It is located at 9 New Town, Moga, Punjab 142001



BBITI’s Mission & Vision

We, at industrial training institute Moga, are propelled by the vision and wisdom of our leaders and are continuously striving to discharge our duties for the overall improvement of the quality of education and to make sure that the course we offer remains relevant to our society and useful to our students in the globalized work environment. Intelligence is not just an educational qualification, though it is the cause to achieve the educational qualification. So if you have intelligence, come with us and get the best future in technical education.

Our Environment

Health, Safety and Environment applies theory and principles of environmental engineering and occupational health and safety at the work site to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, protect the environment that may be impacted by the work site and minimize business risk through the identification and elimination or minimization of environmental, health and safety risks Health, Safety and Environment has a wide scope of Employability ranging from self-employment, contractual employment to Industrial jobs. On successful completion of this course, the candidates shall be gainfully employed in the industries for following occupations

Learn By Doing

ITI- Industrial Training Institute is a Technical course one can join after successful completion of class 10th or Matriculation.

ITI is a great course for students who want to do a professional technical course in the short term. ITI courses after 10th are available in different fields, and candidates can pick classes based on their interests.

ITI is a good job oriented Technical course; an ITI holder can get a good job in electrical, mechanical, and other manufacturing sectors. So many students are getting Jobs in railways nowadays after ITI.

As the name suggests, you get a chance to work in industries after doing this course. You can get to work in different roles in different sectors, depending on which branch you did your ITI.

A Word

From Our Principal

” Bibi Bhani Industrial Training Institute as the Best Performing ITI and the Principal as one of the Best Principal Running this Institute from many long years
The institute has achieved remarkable success in various facts of training and employment. Increase in female and male admission ratio, infrastructural advancement, substantial increase in post training placements followed by high placement retentions are some of the major achievements.
Besides these, the ITI has taken initiative such as introduction of new practices in faculty development programmes, involvement of industries and employers in skill training and employment through MOUs, student’s exposure to industries with the help of associates and IMC. 

S. Harpal Singh


Facilities and Organizations

The College provides air-conditioned classrooms and laboratories, comfortable seating, well-lighted classrooms. Modern equipment is available and provides the student with a wide variety of challenging projects.

Air Conditioning Lab

Air Conditioning laboratories are equipped with residential and commercial air conditioners with electric and gas heat, soldering and brazing stations, refrigerant recovery equipment, commercial refrigeration, and ice machines, and functional air and water cooled heat pump systems.

The Electrical Lab

The electrical lab, equipped with field-grade equipment, allows students to build and troubleshoot electrical circuits as well as become familiar with programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Computer Aided Drafting

Drafting & Design classrooms are equipped with compatible operating systems and current Auto CAD™ software.